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Class Descriptions


Slow Flow

All Levels Welcome

Vivre Yoga's Slow Flow classes provide a safe space of self expression for students to listen to their bodies and connect to their inner voice. Journeying from pose to pose at an easy pace to fully explore each asana and connect to your breath, both beginners and those looking to advance their practice will find fulfillment. Build your confidence and familiarity of standing and balancing poses, refining the fundamentals, and exploring deeper sensations. You will leave class feeling poised and refreshed!


Some Experience Encouraged, but Not Required

Each Vinyasa class will be unique. You will explore lateral, forward, and back bends in every class. There will be modifications and variations for numerous poses based on level of experience. Each asana is strung together for a smooth transition to each pose guided by breath. Vivre Yoga's Vinyasa classes will aid students to deepen their yoga practice and journey to their higher selves.


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