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About Vivre Yoga

Based in Southern Maine, Vivre Yoga (or Live Yoga) is Natalie Foster's brand rooting from her French lineage. Yoga is not simply physical postures for an hour at a time but part of Natalie's day to day life. Both a physical and spiritual practice untethered by religious or societal bounds, yoga remains a deeply personal journey and exploration of oneself. 

Natalie is a 200HR Certified Yoga Teacher with an adventurous spirit inspired by nature. Moving from a history in Corporate America she took a leap of faith into a journey of connection and heart. Natalie's Hatha/Vinyasa flow classes provide a safe space of self expression for her students to listen to their bodies, connect to their inner voice and find the courage to reach deeply into their souls. Natalie's classes are a breath of fresh air.  

Natalie completed her 200HR YTT in Cocoa Beach, Florida at Full Circle Yoga School in January of 2021. She also completed her 108HR Meditation Teacher Training in July of 2022 and is eager to offer personal and group meditation classes. Meditation has significantly impacted Natalie's mental health in a highly positive way and she hopes to bring some peace of mind to those around her.

Vivre Yoga encompasses both in person and virtual class offerings, as well as hosted events. Come as you are, all levels welcome.



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